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Multiaxial CNC

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High-precision 9-Axis Mill Turn Center(DMG Mori)
Specifications: NT 6600/4000 24,000 rev/min
Accuracy:0.003mm(Linear Encoder)

High-precision 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center(MORI SEKI)
Specifications: NMV 8000 DCG/ NMV 5000 DCG 24,000 rev/min
Accuracy:0.002mm(Linear Encoder)

High-precision 9-Axis Mill Turn Center

This machine tool is in a modular design which can realize a free combination from two-axis two linkage to nine-axis five linkage. The machine tool is double electric spindle (built-in electric spindle), double tool post (upper and lower tool post), with C axis, Y axis and B axis. The machine has a total of 11 servo axes with an automatic tool change system. The standard configuration of tools is 42 tools, which can be expanded to 92 tools at most; it can realize part docking under high-speed rotation. This machine tool is especially suitable for the processing of high-precision and complex surface parts (such as engine blades, impellers and high-precision complex molds, etc.) in the aerospace manufacturing industries.


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