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Surface Finishing
Why Choose Dakings Rapid® for Finishing Services?
When it comes to your product, performance is vital — but the finishing touches can make all the difference. Dakings Rapid proudly offers an extensive selection of professional finishing services to supplement our manufacturing processes, giving you everything you need for a standout prototype or market-ready product. Here are just a few reasons to choose our team.
Industry-Leading Expertise You Can Trust, No Matter Where You Are
Our engineering and project management specialists have several centuries of combined experience in all areas of manufacturing. Plus, we own and operate our own state-of-the-art facility in Asia, which allows us to take on finishing services for clients across the globe.
An Extensive Selection of Finishing and Manufacturing Services
No matter what kind of product you’re developing, Dakings Rapid has the finishing services you can count on to make it come to life. Our finishing services include:
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    The most popular way to create a decent surface for plastic and metal parts. Apple almost use anodized for all their products.

    We can offer:


    Clear Anodizing

    Black Anodizing

    Hard Anodizing

    Chemical Film/Alodine

  • Painting

    Painting is a very flexible way to create a different surface appearance. 
    We can achieve:


    ·         Matt

    ·         Satin

    ·         High Gloss

    Texture (Light & Heavy)Soft Touch ( Rubber Like)
  • Tinted

    Tinted is another option to color plastic prototypes besides painting. It is a good solution for turn signal, tail lamp. 
    Material suit for tinted:


    ·         ABS

    ·         PMMA

    ·         PC

    ·         PS

  • Sandblasted

    Sanding & polishing is one of the most common finish for prototyping. Sanding is very basic process to remove cutting marks or the printing marks, in order to get smooth surface. Get ready for further finish such as sandblasted, painted, chromed.

    Started from rough sand paper, when you reach 2000 sand paper the part surface are smooth enough for high gloss polishing to obtain shiny surface or mirror look, transparent such as light guide, lens.

  • Chromed & Metallizing

    This type of finish is only created protect layer, but also a super look.

    ·         Chromed

    ·         Metallizing

    ·         Chrome Sputtering

    ·         Color Plating

    ·         Zinc Plating

    ·         Tinning

  • LOGO&Symbol

    There are various ways to create a logo, symbol, and text on your prototypes or production parts.
    We can offer:


    ·         Silk-Screen

    ·         Pad Printing

    ·         Rub on

    ·         Laser Engraving

  • More

    We are also offering:

    ·         Powder Coat

    ·         Eletrophoresis

    ·         Electropolishing

    ·         Heat treatment

    ·         Blacking

    ·         Water Transfer

These services stand alongside our full suite of manufacturing capabilities, which include CNC machining, plastic injection 
molding, metal 3D printing, vacuum casting and more. For full-service manufacturing — from start to finish — we have you covered.
Quality and Efficiency You Can Count On
While deadlines are always a concern in the product development journey, you don’t want to sacrifice quality along the way. At Dakings Rapid, we never do. We have 2- to 48-hour response times on RFQ’s 95% of the time, as well as a 90%+ OTD (on-time delivery) against our commitments. As far as quality goes, we’ve provided successful finishing services on thousands of products across several industries. 

Investment to Improve
We’re passionate about our people and processes, which is why we’re always investing to improve them. Our Dakings Rapid program offers mentorship and training opportunities so our personnel can develop the skills they need to become the best in the business. And when it comes to our equipment, we are always upgrading our facilities and equipment to stay at the forefront of advanced manufacturing.
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